Water Pollution

Water Pollution is any contaminated water with chemicals or other items that are bad for the enviroment, human and animal health.This occurs when a lot of water is affected with lots of rubbish. It includes ferilisers, sewage, food procecing and lots more. Water covers over 70% of the earth's surface.

Stop Pollution

Explanation of problem refering to how it impacts on us

The effects of water pollution are very different and depend on what chemicals are dumped and in what locations. Many bodies of water near urban areas are highly polluted. This is the result of both garbage dumped by individuals and dangerous chemicals legally or illegally dumped by industries. The main problem caused by water pollution is that it kills life that inhabits water-based ecosystems. Dead fish, birds, dolphins, and many other animals often wind up on beaches, killed by pollutants in their habitat. Pollution disrupts the natural food chain as well. Later, these animals are consumed by fish and shellfish, and the food chain continues to be disrupted at all higher levels. Eventually, humans are affected by this process as well. People can get diseases such as hepatitis by eating seafood that has been poisoned.

Water Pollution Destroyed

Explanation of what we can do to help

If you want to help keep the Water Pollution clean then do the following things: Conserve water by turning of the tap when you are running to water for no reason, be careful of what you throw down your sink or toilet, use enviromently friendly household products and don't throw litter into lakes, rivers or oceans.
These are picture of what people are doing to the earth which makes the water polluted and filled with bottles,cans ect.