Ivory Trade
What is it?
Ivory Trade is when pochers illegally hunt elephants, rhinos and other mammals for their ivory which is their tusks and teeth. The pochers then sell the ivory to get money. Even though it is illegal to sell and/or buy ivory sadly people still do it and this effects the enviroment and people all around the world..
elephant%20tusk.jpgimagesCA24FD01.jpgThis graph shows the predicted decrease in the population of elephants in the future.


How does it impact on people around the world?
Elephents are religous icons in some countries like India and also in Christianity the elephent is wildly respected. In Hinduism, the god Ganesha is an elephant, and Ganesha is said to be the Lord of success, it's head symbolises the soul, and his body symbolises the existance of human beings. The elephant is important to the environment because in Africa the elephant is the keystone meaning it holds the whole ecosystem together.

We chose this video to make as many people aware that if more ivory is removed from the elephants, only words will remain and the elephants will become extinct. Many elephants are already really upset with the loss of their family and friends.

What can people do to help?
The way to stop ivory trade is simple don't buy any it, don't let the seller make you think that he/she killed it was legal because no ivory trade is legal. If people stop buy it then the sellers/poachers will stop killing the elelphants because they aren't getting any money. Also you could donate to 'SOS Elephants' and help rise money and awareness of ivory trade.

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We created this video because of not hundreds of ivory is sold but over thousands of ivory. The elephant is big but not to kill for their ivory.

By Martin and Emily