The problem with landmines is they can kill humans and animals. They are placed underground to explode when triggered by pressure or a tripwire which could be a vehicle, person or animal. Landmines are horrible devices that can cause death, injuries and farmers suffering to grow plants. In wars if people or animals step on a landmine it instantly explodes. Only some countries use landmines today to help them fight in wars. The purpose of landmines when used armed forces is to disable any person or vehicle that comes into contact with it by an explosion of fragments released at high speed. The landmines make it very hard for the farmers to grow crops and have a farm with animals as they could be blown up so could the plants and animals.

How it impacts on the world

Our beautiful environment will be destroyed if landmines are still being used, we won't have oxygen from the trees, shade from the trees and just the beautiful sound and wildlife of our environment. The animals will die so we won't meat for food, unique animals and just seeing them be free and not scared of human wars.

What can we do to help

We can stop committing crimes that will lead to wars. To have world peace. We should try not to kill and hurt our enviroment and animals because when landmines are use all the animals will go extinct because of our actions. The enviroment will be destroyed because of the landmines. STOP LANDMINES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landmine exploding!

This Youtube video to show how deady landmines are when driving! This is what happens to your foot when you step on a landmine.

landmine.jpglegoff1.jpg image_970.jpg

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By Jessie and Tali14177-1 for ani 5.jpgThis is a diagram of a landmine underground.