Animal Experiment Cruel and Unnecessary
Many animals are used in scientific and medical research. They often go through cruel methods of testing and suffer greatly as a result. Animal experimentation is both cruel and unnecessary and humans have no right to put innocent animals through such torture. Scientists often don't benefit from testing on animals as they are so different from us and react differently to drugs. All of this impacts on us because we wouldn't be killing all these animals if we weren't so selfish and only thinking about how we can make life easier for humans when we forget how many innocent animals we are killing and making suffer just so we can have things like shampoo, lipstick and other rubbish.

This innocent monkey awaits his fate at the hands of his brutal captors. Can anyone look deeply into these eyes and fail to be moved?

Some tests that are commonly used include the Draize Eye Test and the LD50(sadly these aren't the only tests). These tests are used in the general cosmetic industry and in the household products industry.
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The Draize Eye Test

This test is used to test shampoos, weed-killers, pesticids. The substances are applied to the eyes of conscious rabbits in order to test irritancy. Apart from the cruelty of this test, a rabbit's eye is a bad model and there are major differences between a rabbit's eye and a human eye.

The LD50

Rabbits, dogs, cats, mice and guinea pigs are used in the LD50 test and it's used to test lipsticks, skin-care products such as moisturizers and cleaners, shampoos and nail polish. The LD50 test (Lethal Dose 50 percent) is by introducing the ingredients into the animal via the mouth or intravenously. The animal is fed up to 50 percent of its body weight and the aim of the test is to find the dose which will kill half the animal sample. For the test to be valid statistically, a minimum of 50 animals are required.

If you would like to stop animal testing these are some things you can do to help, Support and buy products from companies that are deemed cruelty-free, and also donate to the health charities that don't fund animal experiments. Help stop animal testing by proving that, as a consumer, you favor companies that go out of their way to be cruelty-free. Write letters of support to cruelty-free companies, and letters of protest to companies that use animal testing.

So stop animal Testing!

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This is a chart on the animal testing in the world!

We chose to use this chart because it shows which country use the most animal testing and its important to know where they use it before you go blaming people.
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By Ran Avioz And Zac Lorge