Littering has been a major problem to our society for many decades. People have been littering many sorts of objects that cause detrimental problems such as oil spills, sewrage waste and animal cruelty. When animals acidentally swallow a piece of rubbish they can suffocate and could possibly die. If there is nets in the sea they can cut fish or any other marine wildlife and trap them. Ships can litter by creating oil spills in the water hurting the marine environment and so can the sewage water if it is left untreated in the sea.
littering pie grath.gif
This graph shows all the types of litter. We chose this video because it tells you to recycle insted of littering.

When the sewerge water is left untreated, it spreads diseases which can make it hard for animals to live or survive. Littering is bad for anmals on land and off but it is also bad for humans and is making our society dirty and messy. When people throw something on the street it can hurt the environment in so many ways! So next time you are about to throw something away, think before you do it.

When you need to throw something away put it in the recycling instead so it can be reused for something else and doesn't hurt the environment as much! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!!!!

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We created this because we find that people don't know the real effect of littering and if people see this they will realise that littering is wrong!!!!!

How littering impacts us:
Littering impacts us by making the environment filthy and ugly. It stops plants from growing and interferes there habitats. It is bad for animals and us humans because it makes the environment harder to live in. If we did not have littering are life would be much easier and healthier because rubbish can be full of disease.