Oil Spills
What is an oil spill?
An oil spill is a release of oil that is mostly from boats.

How does it affect us?
It affects us emotionally because people will be upset and sorry that innocent animals have to die at the hands of one mistake. It hurts us economically because it costs a lot! And we mean a lot!

Now and overview of what is going to happen if we keep on outing oil in our oceans

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How it affects animals

It affects us because oil penetrates into the bird’s structure and the fur of mammals, reducing its insulating ability, and making them vulnerable to suffocation, hypothermia and at the worst dying.

What you can do to stop the horror

The things you can do are many like: protest oil tankers, oil tankers are reason of this mess, when the hull of the tanker is breached all oil spills out! Another thing you can do is
Sign a petition to ban oil tankers: this will be very effective! Finally you can do is help the animals get better and nurse them and the land back to health.

How would you like if oil was all over and suffocating and killing you??? If you don't help us stop this tragedy!!!