Factory Pollution

Factory pollution is pollution caused by factories. This occurs when factories manufacture items and the smoke goes out of the chimneys into the air. This refers to us because if pollution goes out of the factories there is a chance that the air will be unbreathable. Smoke will also kill animals and crops in farms.

To help this problem we could donate money to make eco-friendly factories. We can also educate people about it so they can be aware of the dangers. We need to prepare ourselves if our whole earth is covered in smoke. We could make more factories into one, so if there are a lot of Cadbury Chocolate factories we can make them all into one so there are not so many factories so there won't be as much factory pollution!


We chose these picture because they are the perfect example to show what factory does because it shows that there are too many factories of many different companies.

By Danielle Katz and Brandon Raik


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