Save The DevilsBy The Adams

Tasmanian Devils are one of Australia's cute native animals, they are loving and caring. Many People Think that they are scary terrifying creatures. People think that when they growl that they're angry but really thats how they talk and connect to people.We need to save these cute and amazing creatures, there numbers are already decreasing and they are officially declared as a endargered species.

There are two main reasons that the Devil is now an endangered species. The first reason is because of DFTD (Devil Facial Tumourdisease-graph.gif Desiese). DTFD is a fatal condition in which Tasmanian Devils are infected with a horrible facial cancer. The Tumours or cancers start in or around the mouthas small scratchs or lumps. These develop into large tumours around the face and neck and sometimes spread to other place on their body.DFTD is extremely unusualas it is only one of three known cancers that can spread like a contagious desiese. The cancer is passed from devil to devil through biting. The devils immune system isn't able to fight the cells. DTFD mainly affects adults - males seem to be first affected, then females - although the young children can also be infected. Infected devils may become thin if the tumours interfere with the teeth and feeding. Many females lose their young. Infected animals generally die within months of the lumps/cuts first appearing. The video below shows tassie devils without and with DTFD.

Another major reason for its demise is roadkill. If you slow down between dusk and dawn then there is to be less likely roadkills and if youreport any roadkills to the "save The Tassie Devil Program" or visit You can also donate to the appeal to help save our wonderfu loving creatures the Tasmanian Devils. if you are wondering whether something is being done to save these wonderful creatures the Tasmanian government and supporters are moving all uninfected devils to Mariah island to keep them safe and not infected. Tasmanian Devils are thought to live all over Tasmania however they don't. They only live in parts of Tasmania. But DFTD is sarming and killing 4 out of 5 devils. The Eastern side of Tasmania is the part of Tssie where the devils get infected. Only one devild ever has survived DTFD but scientist are still looking for a cure.


The three main reasons that the beautiful Tasmanian Devil is an endangered species is because of road kill, the red fox and DFTD. There is nothing that we can do about the red fox but you can make a difference by helping "Save the Tasmanian Devils" by slowing down between dusk and dawn and if you see a group of Tasmanian Devils with DFTD report it to the program so they can move it the Mariah Island. Make a difference,Tasmanian Devils are heart-warming creatures and they want to and some of us want them to survive too.

Tasmanian Devils are extremely cute animals. Many people think that they are very dangerous however they are cute and harmless. We have learnt heaps of information about Tasmanian Devils and we will try stop there demise.

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