Overfishing happems when we fish faster than the fish can duplicate.It also happens when companies are fishing with really huge nets, and they are fishing more fish than they need. As well, people who does not have much money, they fish more fish than what they need, selling them in the markets, and getting lots of money. the bad thing about overfishing is that the fishmen dont think about the future, they only care about there own life, and then, when they will catch every singe fish in the oceans they will say thet they have been thinking only on their own lives.

Overfishing impacts us when we fish big amount of fish, and then there won’t be any fish in the oceans, once it will happen the Penguins who eats the fish won't survive because they won't have any other food to eat, once that will happen the animals that eat the Penguins won't survive because they won't have food to eat, and that will keep going untill it will happen to us, the humans.

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i chose to put that video for my video of my projuct because i think i chose to put this picture for my picture of my projuct
that if a person who doesn't know what is overfishing,and he will watch because that picture is showing what overfishing is.
it, he will understand what obverfishing is.

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i chose to put this picture in my products because i chose to put this graph in my projuct because it shows the amount of fish in the years
this picture is true, we are eating the fish!

some people care about overfishing, and some are doing a lot to make overfishing stop, but some people dont care and dont listen to other people, they know that overfishing is bad but they dont care, they think only on their own lives, as well they dont care about the future of anyone, even not on their families and their own future. we can do many things to help overfishing stop. we can put posters all over the streets, and make some commercials which will say stop overfishing, once it will happen overfishing will maybe stop.

By Niv.