Greenhouse or Greedhouse Effect?
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What Is The Greenhouse Effect?The Greenhouse effect is the name of the effect for the release of Co2 (Carbon Dioxide), Methane, Water Vapor and lots more minor gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse
This affects humans because when we release more and more of these gases it traps more heat. When the sun sends solar energy, some is being absorbed and some are reflected. When this happens we call it Climate Change, if we didn't have the Greenhouse effect our world would be 30 degrees cooler.

To have a quick overview of what the world is going to be like if we don't reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions:
GlobalGHGEmissionsByGas.pngGlobal-Climate-Change.jpgexternal image greenhouseeffect.jpg

Now you might be wondering... how does this affect us? Well, just like in the video, with all this greenhouse gasses we trap a lot of heat. This makes the earth hotter and hotter, and eventually when it gets too hot, then the crops would start to die, and eventually we would die out. Just like in the video. However it is a slow proccess, so you wouldnt just wake up one morning and it would be 40 degrees hotter. No, over the past 100 years it has increased by 0.7 of a degree. Yet that number is now increassing, by 2100 scientists believe that number would have increased by 1.3 to 6 degrees.

Now, you may ask, so what can we do, do we just sit back and wait? Well, we can try to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions. We can do this by; driving less, having fewer children, use Energy Star products, grow your own food and many more things. For more information on how to reduce your greenhouse emissions, please visit this website:


What can you do to help:

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"Each mile of commercial air travel produces a little more than half a pound of carbon dioxide per person. Each passenger on a one-way flight from Denver to San Francisco is responsible for about 608 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions."-
"Burning a gallon of gasoline emits almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. A typical late-model, mid-sized sedan produces about 9,500 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, while a hybrid car generates less than half that, about 4,300 pounds."-