Global Warming

Global warming is when the globe gets hotter because of the greenhouse effect which is something that traps heat from the sun. In a few billion years the sun will become a red giant, and the Earth will get hotter and hotter. This is global warming. The problem is that due to extra gasses made by human activities, there will be more greenhouse gasses, and the heat trapping effect will be stronger. So global warming will become more of an issue. This impacts on us because it will get too hot for us to live, the sea levels will rise due to ice melting, so we will get more floods and other things, and more animals will become extinct because they will be forced out of their habitats.


What we can do to help

Firstly, we can stop polluting. Global warming is because of pollution, it is mainly because of air pollution. There are extra greenhouse gasses being let into the atmosphere, so if we stop letting them in by factories and cars not polluting, then we wont let extra greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, global warming will not be an issue. However, it is not so simple; countries these days have become more industrialized, and it is hard to stop all pollution, but everyone counts. Most people who can read this probably own a car. Cars are a perfect example of air pollution, because of their exhaust fumes. It is not that you need to get rid of your car, but that either don't use it as often and walk or ride a bike, or (you don't need to do this) there are very good electric cars that hardly pollute at all. Factories and other people creating air pollution will eventually realize that they are doing wrong because it will be on the news, or in the newspaper or someone would have told them. They will realize somehow, and hopefully they will stop. If anybody who is reading this realizes that they work in a factory, you must stop polluting, or convince everyone what the fumes may lead to.
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By Tiffany and Samantha