We chose this video because it really makes sense.This video makes sense because it talks about howEndangered pandas are being hurt panda ndan
The issue of the panda exstinction
The giant panda

a is an endangerd animal which is found in china. Giant pandas eat bammboo but they are dying because people are taking the bammboo and using them for garden fences etc. Giant pandas are endangerd becuase of deforestaion and pollution and they are dying of littering chemicals that are floting around in the air.
. Giant pandas walk on 4 legs and they climb trees. Giand pandas is a very rare animal but they will soon be extinct. Giant pandas are being killed bu hunting and they are dying when people are killing them. People are distroying all pandas habitat.

What we can do to help
Alot of people can help to stop killing these important animals people can stop killing them they can also stop taking their bamboo and to stop using there hair for clothing and for warmth for people because the pandas need to be warm we have alot of other clothes to keep us warm we don't need more.

How it Effects us.
This effects some people that care about the animals in this world. It effects us because we would not enjoy it if people just come to our houses and take it away from us. We need to stop polluting and SAVE THE PANDAS

By Jacob and roan

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By Jacob and Roan